A little colour inspiration on a wet, winters day in Cape Town.

028      024

    Dried chillies in my kitchen.                                        Coriander.

  014      015

Sweet basil                                                              Flat leaf parsley

088      008

Origanum / origano                                                   Lemons

Colourful dried or fresh chillies add (extra) heat to a hearty meal and parsley, coriander, sweet basil and origanum picked straight from the garden adds yummy flavour to your dishes.

Don’t forget to squeeze some fresh lemon juice over your salad or veggies.

To top it all….these edible plants are a lot of fun to use in a drawing or painting, so grab a sketchbook or canvas and get creative!:)

065 - Copy   1.2

In the photo to the left -pardon the fuzzy quality- I drew chillies, aubergines, baby marrow flowers and olives in black pen and ink and in the photo to the right I’d stuck pretty colour cuttings from a magazine.

PS: Today’ s blog is dedicated in loving memory to Nico Voulgarellis my late Father-in-law whom had passed on ten years ago on the 2nd of June.We miss him and have fond memories of him.He loved his vegetable and herb garden and is the reason why we have herbs, a lemon tree and at times even a few veggies in our garden.x x x x God bless his soul 🙂


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