Demetri cooks vegetarian:))

A few days after Christmas 2015, we were once again invited by Demetri to David and Anthea’s home in Observatory, Cape Town….have a look at Demetri’s website for more info on travel, art and accommodation in Cape Town

                     077  074

Demetri, my brother-in-law, cooked an array of delectable vegetarian dishes and mom-in-law; Rose brought along her very tasty egg, cheese, cherry tomato and bacon bake.

                             037  040

Starters consisted of a cheese platter, sliced avo topped with pickled ginger, roasted beetroot and salad served with crusty bread…..not to forget the olives and herbed yogurt dip!



*the photo above of the cheese and pear platter was taken by Gerhard van Straten.





All though this aromatic dip appears similar to tzatziki, it was made by combining full cream Greek yogurt and Demetri’s own blend of herbs and spices but no cucumber….very yummee as a topping on vegetables and even rice or pasta.


057 tucking in: from the left is Christopher, Nicole, Rosemary, Demetri, myself, Angelo and Gerhard behind the camera.



Here Gerhard is having some of mom Rosemary’s delish oven bake, omit the bacon and you have a vegetarian dish!


Mains were: Turkish spinach pie, Aubergines cooked with lots of tomatoes, olive oil and garlic.

Blush pink potatoes, roasted with beetroot yielded the pretty pink colour:))

                                            069  060

The Chef-of-the-day with Turkish spinach pie close at/in hand!



      050   052





…..and the final course, a fresh Summer desert of melon, banana and ice-cream.

                                 088  081






Don’t you love the authentic finger bowl idea?





*This lovely still life photo was taken by Gerard.

Conclusion:   “Please open a Mediterranean eatery, Demetri?!



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