Kaffe Fassett & Brandon Mably in Cape Town at the Ccdi Creative Exchange!

WHISP by Adri

Yay!! Artists / designers; Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mably is visiting Cape Town and I had the once in a life time opportunity to attend one of their inspirational talks on colour in art and design:) They showcased some of their beautiful quilts and knitwear and treated us to a ‘slide show’ on projected photos of their travels, exhibitions and products.

I would like to thank the Cape Craft & Design Institute for facilitating this event.

051 Brandon Mably explains here how easy it is to pronounce the name Kaffe Fassett….” you have a safe asset in Kaffe Fassett “!

092 Kaffe was signing of his books for sale at the event and I managed to get this close-up shot of him. ( Needless to say how exited I was )

076    081   075  Dance of the Quilts ?:)


066  Kaffe mentioned how you can speed up the layout process of…

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