How I print on fabric

I had to print and make a custom order of boys and girls party bags for a friendly lady by the name of Vanessa. Here are pics of most of the steps that I did in making the boy party bags for her order:

1.a  I drew the candy stick soldier; which was inspired by Vanessa and made a “possie” / positive of it, which were exposed onto one of my silkscreens.

1.c  The little bags had to be cut from 100% cotton fabric, before I could do the printing.

2.a Then I printed the black colour which is a water based textile ink.

2.b …and waited for it to dry thoroughly…

3.a …before I added the red colour with a new, clean sponge and hand cut *’transparency’ stencil (also know as *acetate)

3.b  These prints had to dry very well—at least for 24 hours… or if I’m in a hurry; I use a blow dryer to speed up the process.

4  Once the prints were dry, I cured it in my oven. I set the oven at 180 degrees celsius, as you would set your oven to bake a cake and then switched it off before the printed fabric panels were placed on a clean cloth on the oven rack in the middle of the oven for about 40 minutes.

This important step ensures that the prints are colour fast and can be washed and ironed.

5 The (almost) last step was to sew and iron the bags neatly before…..

9  ….it was packaged securely and shipped to Vanessa!:))



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